HyperX Savage 2800MHz 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Memory Kit Review


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If we go back in time to last year (2015) and our experience with the DDR3 version of the Savage memory kit, we found it to be a very stiff experience. We couldn’t squeeze any extra MHz, we couldn’t even tighten the timings whatsoever which made it a disappointing experience for us; me especially. I mean, who doesn’t like free performance? Overclocking allows for that and provided you keep within “safe” parameters, the sky’s the limit.

So what does HyperX have in store for us this time round with the Savage clad modules? Well I can tell you from the outset that this particular kit did allow for some overclocking to be done, but more so, it went a lot further than I could have hoped for. First of all, we actually managed to achieve an improvement on the MHz, bad news is we didn’t make any headway in terms of CAS tightening; still a good showing here from HyperX.

With pretty tight timings of 14-16-16-39, this dual channel Savage hit 3200MHz with relative ease and I was confident we could attain even more with increased voltage…

3200MHz 14-16-16-39

After achieving the above overclock, I was determined that this kit could push even further and with dual sided IC’s, I knew it was going to make a difference to performance too! After increasing the voltage to 1.45v (which is still safe in my opinion), I managed to push the clocks to 3333MHz with the same latency timings as before; 14-16-16-39 in case you missed it.

3333MHz 14-16-16-39

This actually equates to a nice jump in performance and the overclocked results below are from the maximum overclock we achieved; 3333MHz CL 14-16-16-39.

MaxxMem Memory Read OC

MaxxMem Memory Write OC

MaxxMem Memory Copy OC

MaxxMem Memory Latency OC

The HyperX Savage when overclocked even pulls ahead of the KLEVV CRAS we tested which sits at a firm, but solid 3000MHz. It should be noted that these are 8GB modules which generally suffer a little over smaller 4GB modules for overclocking, so I’m very impressed with HyperX and the Savage sample they sent in; a successful overclock always gives me goose bumps!

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