Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz Review


[section_title title=”Overclocking”]Overclocking

Memory overclocking sometimes isn’t as simple as just changing a multiplier and going for it, it requires a degree of co-ordination with speed, voltage and latency timings.  With the Kingston HyperX FURY having XMP rated speeds of 1866MHz CL10, I wasn’t expecting too much from this kit in terms of overclocks but oh boy, I was wrong!

My first target was going for 2133MHz with the stock rated timings (10-11-10-30) and it’s safe to say, the HyperX FURY didn’t even break a sweat so I figured I would up the ante a little.  A little voltage bump to 1.65v and upping the speed to 2400MHz yielded the same results; this kit seems to overclock like a monster.  To put it modestly, I was fairly impressed with what the FURY memory had to offer considering its target market; gamers on a budget.

The absolute maximum I was able to achieve stable was 2666MHz with latency timings of 12-14-14-28 which is rather impressive given that this kit is half the price of what a stock 2666MHz kit would cost.  I think the question about scalability remains as although the numbers are high, it’s how they perform in the benchmarks that show the TRUE performance.  So let’s get on with the actual testing and put these bad boys into action…


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