Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz Review


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So what actually makes a kit of RAM a good purchase?  Obviously you do need a set to run your system (goes without saying) but what matters the most?  Well in my opinion it’s finding the right balance of performance and price; the elaborate sweet spot you might say.  My task today however was to see if Kingston’s HyperX FURY 1866MHz kit can roll with the punches and hopefully lay a knockout on its competitors.

Marking the HyperX FURY for performance was a pretty hard task as although the kit overclocks like the clappers, the stock performance is somewhat to be desired.  AIDA64 wasn’t very nice to Kingston here and it consistently sat towards the bottom of the graph and even with a 2666MHz overclock, it failed to delivery consistent performance compared to slower kits.  MaxxMEM was a little of the same story as the FURY kit hovered mid-range which is exactly where this kit should be; scalability of the overclock however was disappointing although it made a nice improvement to write speed performance.  This is most likely down to the fact that the HyperX FURY memory is single sided which does leave it at a little disadvantage to some other kits, but as I have said previously in the review, the main focus here for this memory is good value as in games, 1-2fps is nothing in terms of performance when it comes down to it.

Just looking at this particular kit of RAM screamed design award and that is exactly what I intend to give this kit; let me explain why.  First of all, white heat sinks just do it for me, in fact white components in general and I don’t think I have owned a black PC case for over a year now.  The heat sinks are pretty low profile measuring in at 3cm so support for tower coolers is good; something pleasing for those planning on putting these under a Noctua NH-D15.  A black PCB is always a plus point to as let’s be honest, green PCBs aren’t only out-dated, they’re downright ghastly!

Coming in at a price of £59.98, I do feel the HyperX FURY memory has a solid stead on the market; DDR3 prices did rise last year and nowadays, I would consider these pretty good value overall.  That being said, there are cheaper options available with the same (if not better) performance which leaves a little to be desired; I will guarantee they won’t look as good as the FURY though!

To sum it up, the Kingston HyperX FURY 1866MHz 8GB memory kit is a pretty decent all-round option which has un-rivalled looks, decent mid-range performance and is geared towards the gamer looking for a balanced set of RAM.  The HyperX brand continues to make waves (good waves) and I look forward to seeing their next product here at Play3r!

Huge thanks to Kingston for the HyperX FURY memory kit and I look forward to seeing more in the not too distant future.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Beautiful aesthetic
– Fantastic overclocks
– Available in 4 colours for those who wish to colour match with other components


– Lacklustre overclock performance scaling
– Only available in 1866MHz

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