Kingston HyperX Savage 2133MHz CL11 Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

The Savage memory comes in a blister pack which is very easy to open and is held together by the red Kingston tape across the centre; blister packs can be a nightmare but Kingston have done a good job with these.  The packaging is made from clear plastic and as you can see, the HyperX Savage is available to see in all of its red coloured glory.

After removing the HyperX Savage from the blister pack, the first thing I noticed was the very fiery aggressive red used on the heat sinks; I love it!  Also it’s good to see Kingston have continued to use a black PCB as let’s face it, a green PCB isn’t as acceptable these days as it used to be.

4 x 4GB modules which constitute 2 x 4GB (8GB in total) kits combined; how gorgeous do they look?  They also utilise a low profile performance heat spreader which should have no problems fitting under some of the larger coolers; unlike the HyperX Predator kit which is huge in comparison.


Specs wise, this particular kit is the 2133MHz version which features CL11 timings at 1.65v which isn’t phenomenal, but it’s certainly acceptable; CL10 would have been much more attractive.

The reverse side of the memory has a white label sticker containing manufacturer location (Taiwan), Kingston branding, safety information and of course the part number.

With all 4 modules installed into the system, you can get a good look at how the Kingston HyperX Savage memory would look like inside a system.  The top of the heat sink features the HyperX branding which is nothing new for their memory but we do have a ridged edge which looks quite aggressive; this is to allow airflow to circumvent within the modules.

Look at that gorgeous red finish with the HyperX logo on the side; a really nice touch to a fantastic looking kit.



  1. Naaah runing this Savage 2X4GB 2133MHz chips on 10-11-10-27 timming with 1,56V for almoust a year now withot any problems

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