Kingston HyperX Savage 2133MHz CL11 Review


[section_title title=”Overclocking”]Overclocking

If we refresh back to the HyperX Fury 1866MHz kit I reviewed not so long ago, the overclocking potential was very high and that particular kit delivered immensely in this department.  In retrospect I really had the same anticipation and high hopes for the Savage kit as not only are the name as aggressive, but the overall look is similar.

I engaged straight away in terms of overclocks going for a slightly increased overclock of 2400MHz with 1.65 (stock for the rated speeds of 2133MHz) but the kit wouldn’t even post past the BIOS.  I tried both kits individually but I still managed to get no joy which was highly disappointing to me; not like HyperX memory at all!  I even tried to tighten the timings to CL10 but even so there was no movement to be had.  Just to make sure my motherboard DIMM slots or CPU didn’t have a problem, I fired the HyperX Fury back into the system and managed to achieve the 2666MHz overclock I had previously.

Overall the Savage kits will of course all be different but both kits we had on test today gave us no overclocking headroom or yielded any improvement with voltage increase which is a little disappointing but certainly not worthy of deterring ones purchase.



  1. Naaah runing this Savage 2X4GB 2133MHz chips on 10-11-10-27 timming with 1,56V for almoust a year now withot any problems

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