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With a memory kit that has focused its marketing on performance and overclocking ability, that is exactly what you would come to expect when buying said kit but was that case with the TeamGroup Vulcan GOLD 8GB 1600MHz memory kit?  How did it perform in comparison to the other kits we have tested?

Well starting with the gold coin of the review, the performance, the Vulcan kit was quite disappointing on the whole.  Although it is the slowest kit we have tested so far at Play3r, the performance didn’t seem to keep up with other kits we have tested, even when overclocked etc.  The overclocking performance was quite dire and although I did mention previously that this will vary between samples, I was still expecting much better from a kit that boasts “overclocking” all over the packaging.  The only real test that performed better than average was the write speeds during MaxxMEM in which it performed better than the GSKILL Ares kit overclocked to 2200MHz.  Otherwise, the Vulcan GOLD memory pretty much held bottom place in all of the performed benchmarks so performance wise, this kit isn’t exactly the bright spark I was hoping it to be.

In terms of design and the aesthetics, I really do like the low profile look of the heat sinks and I feel it makes them pretty useful, especially if you have one of them huge CPU tower coolers in which it leaves little to no clearance for memory to be seated.  The colour is also quite nice and although it doesn’t match up to the colour of say the latest ASUS Z87 boards, it does still look pretty good.  The inclusion of a black PCB is always a strong point also and I find it to be a lot more desirable than green PCB which does look very out dated nowadays.

Price wise the memory is probably one of the cheapest 1600MHz kits currently on the market since the price hikes earlier on in the year.  Coming in at £53.99 from Overclockers UK, this kit does represent excellent value for money and more than deserves our value award as for this kind of price, you will be hard pushed to find better specced RAM.

Overall, the TeamGroup Vulcan 8GB 1600MHz RAM kit might not be the fastest in the testing or the fastest on paper but it is decent, it also represents amazing value and isn’t an eyesore either which makes it a decent kit for those needing memory on a budget.

Thanks to Overclockers UK and TeamGroup for the sample and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

The TeamGroup Vulcan GOLD 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz memory kit is available to buy HERE!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


Although the TeamGroup Vulcan GOLD kit isn’t the best on the market in terms of performance, it will certainly catch the eyes of those on a budget and given the current price, it makes this particular memory kit a very desireable one indeed.

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