GT Omega Racing Master XL Office Chair Review

GT Omega Racing Master XL Office Chair Review 14

Introduction & Specifications

Ever had a bad back after a reasonable 4 hour gaming session? Do you sit at your PC for long periods of time and think to yourself, is this cack chair doing damage to my back? No? Well I myself have personally experienced this due UN ergonomic chairs with inadequate padding and quite frankly, cheap materials. There are however many solutions on the market currently and one of those are from a very well-known company called GT Omega.

GT Omega Racing have been around since 2008 and specialise in the manufacture of top quality racing simulators and racing cockpits, something which is a tall order to get these days, but GT Omega Racing have a full and extensive range available. Today isn’t however about Racing Cockpits (we wish), but about their range of racing seats which are designed for home PC use and office use.

Today we will be taking a look at the GT Omega Racing Master XL Office chair which features red and black synthetic leather and being quite a “large” fellow myself, these particular chairs have a load capacity of up to 150KG; something smaller and cheaper chairs just can’t match. So what makes these chairs so special? Well…


Tilt Locking mechanism 

90-180 degrees angle adjuster

Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder

Height-adjustablele armrest

Silver Polished aluminium star base

Easy to move casters

Orthopedically and ergonomically designed

Black and Red Synthetic Leather material

Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included

Load capacity up to 150kg

Weight 25kg

As you can see from the specifications, this chair is designed with convenience and quality in mind, as well of course being comfortable as they also come provided with free headrest and lumbar cushions for added comfort!

Upon opening the massive brown box (this thing is huge), the individual components are all wrapped up and packaged up immensely well and there is little chance of anything being damaged in transit; of course this is moot if the courier plays football with it, but they are more likely to break their foot in doing so!

GT Omega Racing Master XL Box 1

GT Omega Racing Master XL Box 2

One minor discrepancy is the polystyrene went everywhere when removing each part from the box; those bloody things get everywhere you don’t want them too! Polystyrene does however provide awesome protection during transit…

GT Omega Racing Master XL Box 3


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  • Now that’s a nice chair be nice to have some of those for The Portal. One day maybe !!!!