Jonsbo/Cooltek W2 Tempered Glass Panel Case Upgrade Review

Jonsbo/Cooltek W2 Tempered Glass Panel Case Upgrade Review 11



Make: Jonsbo / Cooltek
Price: €44 inc. UK delivery (at time of review)

I have owned the Jonsbo / Cooltek W2 windowed case for a couple of years and I absolutely love the dual compartment cube style setup.


As time went on the window started to look dated and I was seriously considering upgrading my case. Then while at a LAN party, bleary eyed and browsing some news having got up early with snoring gamers all around, a tempered glass upgrade product was announced for the W2.

This made me happy as it was a rare opportunity for a case to be further supported so long after release. These days, many case manufacturers have started to replace models more quickly with fresh designs.

Emailing Cooltek in Germany to ask about ordering the upgrade, I was incredibly surprised to receive a response within 5 minutes, on a Saturday! After a little email chat I pre-ordered the upgrade, which was a month away from actual launch, for the very reasonable price of around 44 Euros delivered.

Contact was made through the company’s EU website the company has recently brought the main brand name to the EU market dropping the Cooltek name.

During my agonising wait for the panel to be released, I got a few emails describing possible difficulties with the upgrade, that it was more complex than just a panel swap and I may have to drill.  This awoke my modding monster and I eagerly egged them on to let me have the panel even without a manual.

A few days before delivery I received links to some unpublished YouTube videos which appeared to come straight from the factory, showing a technician performing the upgrade.

Finally the panel arrived, looking rather striking. The glass is quite thick at 5mm and feels very sturdy, the tint is quite dark and is well polished without any blemishes.


Included in the package are: The tempered glass panel, two cushioning insulation strips and a bag of fittings.

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