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Taking a look at the front of the Archos 40 Titanium smartphone, we can clearly see rather large 4” screen.  The screen itself features a resolution of 800×480 which is wide RGB and sports a 0.3MP front camera which is useful for Skype chat, people who use Snap chat and for taking “selfies”.

At the bottom of the screen is the 3 main buttons, on the left we have the menu button, the middle is the home button and finally on the right is the back/cancel button.  Touchscreen phones usually have these 3 buttons and it is safe to say they are nothing short of useful.

On the flipside, there are a couple of things worth noting.  First off at the top we have the 5MP camera and LED flash for providing light to the camera lens.  Although 5MP is usually ample, this camera isn’t going to set the world a light but for a budget smartphone, you can’t really complain.  Underneath that is the Archos logo in white font ; nothing like a bit of brand advertising!

Finally at the bottom we have the speaker which can be used to play music, media and even voice conversations through.  I will touch more on the quality of the sound later on in the review.

On the left hand side of the phone, we have a rocker button for controlling the volume.  Pressing the top part raises the volume and the lower part lowers the volume.  Nothing fancy here, just a simple and effective way of controlling your volume!

At the top of the 40 Titanium, we have a 3.5mm headphone jack and a mini USB port for not only charging the phone, but also connecting it to a computer which allows you to transfer media to and from your chosen device; perfect for putting music onto your new smartphone.

Taking a look at the internals of the Archos 40 Titanium, the insides of the phone itself are very glossy and caused me quite a bit of pain with glare from my studio lighting etc.  With that being said, one thing that you will probably notice is the 2G and 2G/3G bay.  This allows you to use 2 sim cards simultaneously which is a feature I would like to see a lot on newer smartphones.

Finally we have the battery powering the Archos 40 Titanium smartphone.  This is a 1500mAh Li-ion battery and in comparison to the 2600mAh battery found in the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is quite reasonable especially for a phone under £150.


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