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First up we have the outer packaging of the Xenon. The design is fairly understated but with the 3G option taking pride of place at the top of the features pile.


The rear of the packaging is an expansion of the 3G capability, highlighting the ability to use Maps, Skype/IM and streaming services for media.

With the lid opened you’re greeted by the Xenon nestled away between cardboard and an in-place foam cover.


Accessories wise you have both an EU/UK plug and the associated micro USB cable for power and data transfer. Perhaps it would have been nice to have an included carry case and/or some earphones given the mobility push Archos want to emphasise with the Xenon.



The first thing that comes to mind from the Xenon is how Apple it looks, and to an extent, feels. Of note is relatively tiny front facing speaker and 0.3MP front camera.

The finish on the rear of the Xenon is a nice touch, but you can’t help but feel that it will start to look a bit worse for wear after serious usage due to the paint being scratched and chipping away. Top left houses the rear-facing 2MP camera.

The Xenon itself is extremely slim at only 2mm. Along the top you have the USB, headphone jack and power button. The plastic covering this section snaps off revealing the microSIM slot and SD card slot – personally I prefer this approach to I/O rather than an easy access flap that may open by accident.

Along the sides is the volume buttons.

First impressions of the Xenon are really quite positive. Aesthetically, Archos seemed to have nailed down the profile, feel and looks. The device is extremely sleek and quite light – easily usable as a reader on the bus or train – and small enough to be tucked away in a bag without much fuss.


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