Cubot S600 Android Smart Phone Review


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Closer Look

Now we will take a closer look at the model S600 by Cubot, from its initial boxed state to the device itself.


To start with, the S600 comes neatly packaged up in a cool box and pressed lettering filled with a shiny silver material. Talk about stylish!


On the reverse side of the box we will see some additional details of the made and model phone supplied by Cubot. The colour, technical details and other information has been placed here for easy ID of the product within.


Removing the front side of the box will reveal the content within, which first and foremost is the handset itself.

Before we go on any further, we would like to note that for testing purposes we removed the pre-installed screen protector and provided the new, tougher one provided with the phone. As well as the screen protector, we also added the clear protective case in the box also.


So, what does the S600 come with? Well, as seen above we have the handset, protective screen and case, SIM tray key, instruction booklet and 2 section USB charger.


The mains section of the charger allows for easy storage due to the option of removing the USB cable which also helps to keep the cable safe. Constructed of a tough and rouged black plastic like material, the wall plug is very sturdy. With all this said, we would still have preferred a white wall plug to match the USB cable and colour of the phone!


In the box is also a white male USB to male micro USB that doubles up for a charging and data transfer cable.


Hidden among the accessories is a small SIM tray key for access to the SIM tray as well as a little quick start guide.


Additional instructions are also provided within the box that greatly details things like how to remove the SIM tray and so on.


Finally we have the device itself with the additional protective screen and clear plastic case.


Featuring a very slim design, Cubot have fitted everything you need to the S600 but without crushing everything into a small area. With a 3.5mm audio jack, microphone, SIM and memory card tray, power and volume up/down button along the sides, there isn’t much else you will need!


On the front, we have a light sensor, forward facing speaker and camera. Lower down we have our 3 conventional buttons for Options, Menu and Back.


On the back, we have a camera, dual flash and cool addition of a fingerprint sensor. Lower down there is a rear facing speaker.


Finally we have the S600 all powered up and ready to test. Now, lets see how we get on!



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