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Now we will go on to discuss our final thoughts and bring a conclusion of this product to the review. The S600 from manufacturers Cubot is certainly a device of interest in the competitive market of android based smartphones around the £100-£150 mark. With this in mind, our conclusion wont focus on how it performs compared to flagship devices on the market but more with what is on offer for the price as we can clearly see, this is a budget phone with some surprisingly high specifications.


The Cubot S600 model is certainly an eye opener, specification and performance wise, as of the great value that this product offers. Understandably, you won’t be getting a high end device with all the bells and whistles but what you will get is a mid level performance device with plenty of expansion for multimedia and it will cope with every task thrown at it. Performance of the device is fantastic, fluid and not one blip came to light when under heavy usage. Sure, the device may struggle with multiple core rendering for very CPU and GPU intensive applications but this phone is not on offer for that kind of torture testing. What matters is that the phone deals with basic, mid level and fairly high demanding applications in a fluid motion. The S600 performs great and very smoothly at that so no need to worry if your favorite Angry Birds style game will run as this device will cater for your needs.

Comfort is a huge thing with phones today, from overly large phablet devices to tiny and annoying waterproof covers, it is difficult to find the perfect device that meets the most simplest comfort marks for most people. The S600 is like most phones, it sits well but can easily slide off of slightly slopped surfaces due to the glass front and back. No additional grip or support is there to prevent your device from dropping to its death from a high table so a case is crucial. A few quid will get you a cheap and suitable case, nothing large or overly toughened bit of kit is needed as the S600 knows how to keep itself safe with toughened glass and metal corners. The only downside we found with this device was the weight, yes you read correctly, the weight is stupid. 207 grams of central mass means that some finger push ups may be in order to cope with this surprisingly heavy weight in your hand while on long time phone calls or long periods of use. Aside from the absurdly heavy weight, overall the S600 is comfortable to use and is a sturdy device.


The battery life of the S600 is amazing and required very little top ups over a weeks period. Impressed, we tested and tested to see if it was some sort of software controlled application running in the background proceses to slow down power consumption but was unsuccessful with finding the true magic behind the long lasting battery life.

Overall, the S600 is a great value for money product with plenty on offer in a neat and tidy package. Straight out the box, the device is easy to use and feel great in the hand. The S600 flicks through multiple apps and games with ease, making the users experience effortless. As a whole, I am very pleased with the S600 by Cubot and would like to award it the Play3r value award for exceptional value for money.


  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value



– Fantastic value for money
– Great performance
– Available expansion of memory
– Easy to use and set up
– Some great flagship features included


– Device is heavy
– No full HD display (720×1280)

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