Tech21 Impact Folio iPad Air Case Review


Closer Look

The Impact Folio comes in a windowed box, following a white, black and red colour theme. It lists the various FlexShock features and has a graphic of an iPad Air in the Impact Folio smashing a surface it has been dropped on.tech21-ipadair-boxfrontThe front of the packaging opens up to allow you to see the case and feel the texture of it. On the left side, it has some information regarding Impactology and the various positions you can put the case into.

tech21-ipadair-boxopenThe case itself is fairly simple and inoffensive to the eyes. It is a sleek black colour, with a rubbery feel to it.

tech21-ipadair-frontThe folio cover has a soft, microfibre feel to it to avoid scratching the front glass. The edges are not actually as thick as I was expecting.tech21-ipadair-caseopenThe case can stand up by resting in the various slots on the folio cover. You can see the mesh design clearly on the back of the case. This supposedly helps dissipate the energy from an impact.

tech21-ipadair-casestandingThe Impact Folio features mechanical buttons to protect the lock and volume buttons. The slider button for mute is unprotected but has a considerable amount of case material surrounding it, so you would have to have the incredible misfortune to drop the case onto this point.

The speakers and lightning port are left unobstructed.
tech21-ipadair-portsThere are various cut-outs for the camera and microphones.


Let’s check out how well the case performs.


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