AOC G2460PF 24” 144Hz FreeSync 1080p Monitor Review

AOC G2460PF 24” 144Hz FreeSync 1080p Monitor Review 4

Introduction & Closer Look


Manufacturer: AOC
Model: G2460PF
UK Price: £199.99 @ Amazon UK (At time of review – Click here to purchase!
US Price: $249.99 @ Amazon US (at time of review – Click here to purchase!

One of the major troubles with monitor technology advancements compared to graphics card progress, was the difference in frame rates between the two; you would have SLI setups generating 150+ frames when monitor technology stood firmly at 60Hz. Not only is this a waste of power/frames, but it pushed monitor manufacturers to focus on research and design. What they came up with was monitors with higher refresh rates, which some may argue that the naked eye can only notice a certain amount of frames. My take is that no matter who says what, you can tell the difference between a 60Hz and 144Hz monitor at their respective FPS limits; even a snail would probably be able to tell.

Enter AMD with their open source FreeSync technology, a technology which was not only designed to compete with NVIDIA’s G-Sync tech, but also designed to give tearless, seamless and consistent performance throughout, without breaking the bank. One of the major setbacks from G-Sync is the actual cost of the monitors due to the extra hardware required; AMD’s FreeSync doesn’t need this which allows monitor manufacturers the ability to keep prices pretty much similar to non-FreeSync monitors. One such company pushing this is global monitor powerhouse AOC…

AOC have sent us one of their latest FreeSync laden models, the AOC G2460PF 24” 144Hz 1ms gaming monitor which is generally more useful for AMD graphics cards than NVIDIA; hence the AMD FreeSync technology. At first glance, this is a very stylish 24” 1080p monitor with black brushed aluminium style shroud; in conjunction with a very vibrant red stripe on the bottom bar of the screen.

AOC G2460PF Review 1

OSD buttons can be found on the right-hand side at the bottom; this allows you to change contrast, cycle through the presets and more importantly, adjust the brightness…

AOC G2460PF Review 2

We did look at one of their earlier models in the shape of the G2460Pqu, but the main difference this time round are obviously the inclusion of the FreeSync capable PCB; as well as an upgrade to the style and overall aesthetic.

AOC G2460PF Review 3

At the rear, there is a large vent which allows for proficient cooling of the PCB and other components associated with the screen itself.

AOC G2460PF Review 5

The AOC G2460PF features a click and lock monitor to base mounting system, which not only makes it easy to mount without the need for extra screws, but it’s very secure and looks good too.

AOC G2460PF Review 6

On the underside of the back panel, either side has a set of I/O sections; the left containing the VGA connections and the right focusing on the power. In terms of display connectivity, we have 1 x VGA port, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI and 1 x DVI-I port; pretty much all the connections you are going to need for any graphics card over the last 5 years and beyond!

The right-hand side features a power input for a “kettle” power lead, with an on/off switch without the need to unplug at the wall. A dual port USB 2.0 hub is also present; USB 3.0 would have been a lot more desirable, but on the plus side it does support passive and active devices.

AOC G2460PF Review 7

AOC G2460PF Review 8

Landscape or portrait? The G2460PF supports both…

AOC G2460PF Review 9



Monitor Line – AOC
Gaming Monitor Size – 24 Inch
Screen Format – 16:9
Brightness – 350 cd/m2 (type)
Contrast Ratio – 1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio – 80M:1
Viewing Angle Response time – 1 ms
Maximum Resolution – 1920×[email protected]: DisplayPort / DVI Dual Link


1 xD-Sub
1 xDVI
1 xDisplay Port Input

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