ASRock X99 Extreme6 Review


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If you are familiar with the ASRock extreme range then as soon as you see this box you will know what is inside. The box has a black background with a big yellow X in the middle, across the top are the ASRock logo and an image lettings of know this board is made with Super Alloy components and across the bottom are the images of quite a few of the main features ASRock wanted to bring to potential customer’s attention.

ASRock X99 Extreme6 Killer 1

Onto the back of the box and as is the case with most motherboard there is quite a bit of information. This is where users will be able to find out more information on things such as the individual components that make up the board such as the Sapphire Black PCB and Nichicon 12k Platinum Caps. Users will also be able to get a bit more information on other features as well such as the Ultra M.2 port, Purity Sound 2 and the ASRock Cloud to name a few.

 ASRock X99 Extreme6 Killer 2

Inside the box are some manuals and accessories to help make sure users have what they need to get up and running, whether it be information or a particular cable. For accessories ASRock have included 2x SLI bridges – 1x 1-way and 1x 3-way, rear IO shield, SATA3 cables, HDD Saver Cable, a couple of screws to install M.2 SSDs and as far as manuals go there is a quick installation guide, software setup guide and a driver disk (though as always I would recommend going to the ASRock website if possible and downloading the latest drivers from there) and a nice ASRock case badge.

 ASRock X99 Extreme6 Killer 3

As always I cannot thank ASRock enough for the bit of extra protection they give their motherboards. Unlike any other company I have come across ASRock go that extra mile and actually zip tie a piece of foam around the motherboard to offer the best in protection to make sure the board gets to where it’s going in one piece.

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