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Cablemod ASUS RGB Strips

In addition to the ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Alpha motherboard, we also got sent a couple of the new Cablemod ASUS RGB strips which have been designed to provide “perfect” colour co-ordination alongside the RGB headers on the motherboard themselves. Like most LED strips, they feature LED diodes which emit light in a specified direction. Cablemod however have implimented a technology to enchance this; Enter WideBeam!

WideBeam essentially increases the angle and scope in the placement of the LEDs themselves, thus utilising the space and direction more efficiently. Not only does this increase the overall brightness of the LED strips themselves, but as you can see by the illustration below, it increases the effictiveness.


So what do you get with the strips themselves? How do you connect them? Well it’s quite simple really. Included is a header which allows you to connect the LED strips themselves to the RGB headers located on the compatible ASUS motherboards (Maximus VIII Formula & Hero Alpha). Also included is a smaller linking adapter which allows you to daisy chain and connect strips together to not only increase the length and reach of your lighting, but also can increase the intensivity of the LED lighting inside your case.



Two types of strip are currently available; a magnetic and foam adhesive version. The strips today feature magnetic strips which are handy if the surface you are placing them on is metal, otherwise the foam adhesive version is going to be more suitable.


The strips themselves are very flexible and have a soft feel to them; be careful not to damage them during installation. For a quick and easy guide on how to install them without damaging any components or the LED strips, click here – https://cablemod.com/?faqs=how-do-i-connect-the-widebeam-rgb-led-strip-to-my-asus-motherboards-aura-rgb-header


Here we are, the Cablemod ASUS compatible WideBeam RGB strips inside one of our systems; more notable our streaming system for The Big Freeze UK event which was recently held in Sheffield. Look at how vibrant the colours are and how well they match up with the LEDs on the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha; flawless!



The Cablemod RGB WideBeam LED strips aren’t just vibrant, but they are absolutely perfect in combination with ASUS RGB motherboards; but that’s what these particular strips are designed for, so it would be weird if they weren’t. As you can see from above, the strips produce a lot of light, but for those wishing to turn down the lighting, you can do so using the ASUS AURA software needed to control the RGB headers.

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