ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

As always we take a look at the packaging first. Packaging is our first interaction with the product and a lot of the time forms our first impressions of the product at hand. Is the packaging minimalistic, or extremely over the top and does that have a direct reflection on the product inside? Only one way to find out; let’s have a look!

First off we will start with the front of the box and we can see ASRock have spared no expense in the design of this packaging. It has a very nice background image and in the foreground we have some relevant information as to some of the features the board will offer us.


On the back of the board there certainly is a lot going on, but my guess is ASRock want to give us the best first impression that they can and let us know as much about the board inside as possible. There is info on all kinds of features that ASRock want to bring to our attention.


Lastly we look at the contents inside the box (excluding the motherboard). As you can see we have our Driver/Setup Manuals and Disk as well as our IO Shield (Backplate) and a couple of Sata3 6.0GBPs cables.



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