ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer Review


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ASRock have again tried to make overclocking as easy as possible for novices and pros alike. Their Fatal1ty UEFI BIOS are easy to navigate which is always helpful. Combine that with their premium gold caps and the addition of an onboard 4pin molex to help draw power to the PCIE lines and you are sure to see the potential this board gives for overclocking.

For the purpose of this review and the benchmarks I ran in testing, I was only comfortable overclocking both the A10-7850k and A10-7700K to 4.5GHZ. This was simply down to the fact that I could not get an accurate temperature reading. Programs like Hardware monitor and Core Temp wouldn’t even show the APU, let alone try to read its temperatures. Bios was also not a big help as I feel it was highly inaccurate, as while letting the APU idle while in the bios the temperature reading kept increasing supposedly reaching temps of 95c (203f).  I know for a fact this was not the case as the heatsink on the APU was not even warm and at these temperatures I should have felt the heat before I even touched it, which I did not.

The Bios offers 2 ways to Overclock the APU, CPU OC mode or Manual mode.  CPU OC Mode if chosen will allow you to set a desired frequency and then it will automatically change things for you, like voltages. I personally am not a fan of this as I feel the settings are never quite right, or where I want them. I always choose to go for the Manual OC as this then lets me input all my desired settings.  Saying that though, if you choose to use the CPU OC mode you can still change the settings but if you ask me that defeats the whole purpose of them auto changing the settings in the first place to match your desired OC.


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