MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC Motherboard Review


[section_title title=”Packaging & Bundle”]Packaging & Bundle

So starting out with the box and the accessories, the Gaming 9 AC box is effectively no different from any product in the MSI Gaming range; red and black colour scheme with the Gaming dragon emblem sitting proudly across the front of the box.

As you would expect, the rear is clad full of information, specifications and features; notably the XSplit Gamecaster 6 month license is a stand out point which if you are new to streaming, is an excellent addition to any Gaming themed product.  Xtreme Audio DAC is also featured to give a richer and more immersive sound through the on-board audio chip; the Sound Blaster software is used to tweak/drive this.

Open the flap, what do we see?  An MSI Z97 Gaming 9 motherboard with AC…

The bundle and the sheer amount of accessories included with the MSI Gaming 9 AC speak volumes; a massive array of things included.  This includes an endless supply of SATA cables (it does end but there are loads), front panel header adapters, the AC part of the deal in the way of the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter which includes support for b, g and n wireless technologies etc.

Also included is a well-padded I/O shield which feels really nice; I can’t explain why but the regular, slim, flimsy old style I/O shields in basic metal silver don’t cut it for me anymore.  There are of course enough manuals to keep you reading for hours and the obligatory “keep out of my room, I’m gaming mum” door hanger; this many not ACTUALLY keep your mother out from disrupting your game but give it a go anyway.


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