MSI AG2712A All-In-One Review


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Closer Look – Packaging and Exterior

As per normal with my reviews we will start off with the front of the box. I will point out that this is a review sample and as such, the box has gotten a little battered through out the many miles it has covered, just the nature of these types of samples.

Anyway, as we can see, MSI have stuck with their ever popular dragon branding. It is practically the same theme and layout that we see on the front of the gaming series motherboards and graphics cards that we have reviewed recently.

Even though MSI have gone with the All-in-One PC branding on the front of the box, where we normally find the model of the product enclosed within, MSI have decided to exclude the AG2712A from this, a slightly odd move as it would be easier to know what specification you are buying, especially as there is no externally printed specifications list on the box.

Moving round the side of the box to the back, I was particularly surprised to see that MSI had not put any system features or specifications on the box for any potential buyers to have a look at before buying this system. On the back of the box we have an image of what you can expect your All-in-one system to look like. Personally, I love the look of this and part of it makes me want to see MSI making screens to rival that of Asus.

Upon opening the box to this All-in-one, we can see that rather than encase it in foam like they generally tend to do with chassis, MSI have used some relatively pliable foam so that if there were any knocks or bangs in transit the system would be able to move a little, mainly to stop any energy being transferred into the screen and potentially causing damage to it. MSI have also covered the entire system in a bag to stop any dust residue collecting on the product itself. Inside the box you will also see some other boxes. These contain a few accessories for the All-in-one which are listed below.

Inside the box we find a couple of things. First we have a little wireless mouse and keyboard combo. Whilst this is a nice feature and I can see the appeal of using a wireless combination on this system, I cant help that feel being the gaming orientated option, one of MSI’s new mechanical keyboards and a mouse would have been the better option. Having said that, the wireless keyboard and mouse do perform well and are great for when you are casually watching the likes of Netflix in bed whilst talking to friends on Facebook. We also have an aerial, which plugs into the back of the system. This is actually to receive a digital signal for the inbuilt TV tuner. However, due to the limitations of digital and freeview signal where I live, I was unable to test this feature.  We also have a remote control which acts in a very similar manner to that of a television. You can scroll through the Windows 8.1 menus with this and select the applications that you want to watch. This is a perfect addition to the system as it means that you can have a very competent gaming system during the day, and then have a good media system when relaxing at night. Lastly, we have all the expected user manuals and utilities disks.



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