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The Netgear R6300 comes in a really nice designed box, with an indigo and white design with a gold strip at the bottom which lists the different features.  In the centre there is an illustration of the R6300 wireless router with a list of the main features on the right hand side.

On the rear, we have a similar theme to the front which incidentally is throughout the entirety of the external packaging.  There is a more detailed list of features and specs including a quick description of Netgears Genie Application which has a feature which enables any printer compatible with Apples Air Print.

Bundled with the Netgear R6300 router, we have the following accessories:

1 x Yellow RJ45 Ethernet cable

1 x Installation guide

1 x AC adapter

Not much in the way of accessories and the antenna of the router is built-in saving space.  However everything you need to get it up and running is in the box and that is the main thing.


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