TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Review


So after having had the pleasure to take a look at what is considered to be a top end router, how did I feel it performed and what did I think overall about the TP-Link Archer 7 AC1750?

Well starting with the most important aspect, the performance, I was very surprised to see the improvement over the Virgin Superhub; not too surprised that it was an improvement but more so by how much.  The ping, even at a maximum distance of 25m was simply amazing and kept in line with the rest of the results meaning it was a stable connection throughout.  Obviously at 25m the speed was somewhat weaker and slower, but 3Mb download is still not exactly slow, especially given the distance and obstacles combined.  Obviously the wired connection was dominant in speeds but given the testing was done on the 2.4GHz wireless signal, the results speak for themselves; The AC1750 performs brilliantly and there was no issues with cutting out or drop-outs that I sometimes found with the Virgin Superhub.

The aesthetics of the Archer 7 AC1750 were a joy to behold, a very nice finish with a great look to it.  The 3 antennas in my opinion make it look like a really high end top quality product but the main issue for me was the finish.  It is a fingerprint magnet and if you’re like me, after touching it you will be spending a few minutes wiping it.  Is that a truly bad thing?  Of course not but a matt finish would have just been that little bit better in my opinion.

With a plethora of features ranging from dual band support, all the way to the basic functions of parental controls, those wanting a safe and solid wireless network, I can’t really recall anything that the AC1750 has missing from its arsenal.  One thing I mentioned earlier, was the lack of RJ45 cables in the box, for £105, I would expect 2 minimum as someone looking for a piece of networking kit but one could argue that anyone looking at this would probably have a selection of cables to choose from already and I can see it from TP-Links point of view in lowering costs etc.; goes both ways!

The AC1750 can be had for around £105-115 depending where you purchase from, which in my opinion, it is a very reasonable price given the specification and the actual performance that TP-Link offers with this particular model.  Obviously if this was priced a little bit lower and on the cusp of the sub £100 mark, this would have been a bargain in my opinion given that I couldn’t find any major issues at all with the Archer 7 AC1750.

I would like to thank TP-Link for the sample and I look forward to seeing more in the not too distant future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


The TP-Link is a high end router with matching high end performance and given the results in the above review, the AC1750 deserves nothing short of the performance award. If you have a budget of around £110 and are looking for a router to either expand or simply upgrade your wireless network, the TP-Link AC1750 should be somewhere at the top of your list.


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