Datalocker Sentry K300 seen from the front with the connector visible, and the cap separate

DataLocker Sentry K300 Review – 64GB Encrypted USB 3.1 Drive

Armed with a screen, the DataLocker Sentry K300 takes ease of use for an encrypted USB drive to the next level. Read on for benchmarks and analysis...

BitFenix Shogun Dual Tempered Glass Case Review

Dual tempered glass, aluminium construction, RGB lighting and a host of customisation options. This is the new flagship case from BitFenix...The Shogun!
sahara c500 Featured Image

Sahara C500B Fan Kits and R20 CPU Cooler Review

On my workbench today I have the new C500B Case, two of the available fan kits Pirate Duo Rings and Typhoon 14 along with the R20 CPU cooler which includes a fan/RGB controller.
AORUS AX370 Gaming 5 AM4 Ryzen Preview

AORUS AX370 GAMING 5 AM4 Ryzen Preview

Ryzen is now officially here and if you're planning on picking up one of the new AMD 8 core Ryzen 7 processors, you're going...
An amd athlon 3000g overclock - literally held above a clock.

Athlon 3000G Overclocking: Is It Worth It?

Overclocking can take some time - we want to help you decide if it’s right for your Athlon 3000G. We'll be looking at 5 real-world games and 10 synthetics.
MSI Aegis Ti Review

MSI Aegis Ti Review

In our latest system review, we tackle the MSI Aegis Ti gaming system with 2 x GTX 1080's in SLI and an Intel Core i7 6700K processor. Is this the best 4K gaming PC on the market today?
ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse Review 9

ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse Review

Say hi to the latest gaming mouse from ASUS, the ROG Spatha! With the ability to use this mouse wired or wireless and with an array of top class parts, is this the best gaming mouse on the market? Read our review now and find out!
Cooler Master Masterkeys PBT S & L Review 6

Cooler Master Masterkeys PBT S & L Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today I present to you the new Cooler Master Masterkeys PBT S & L Mechanical keyboards which feature higher quality PBT keycaps and comes in full-size and TKL variations.
roccat kova aimo featured image

ROCCAT Kova AIMO Gaming Mouse Review

The Kova Aimo gaming mouse is designed to be ambidextrous to attempt to cater for as many gamers as possible. Lets have a look at what it has to offer.
Thermaltake Riing 120 RGB 120mm Fan Overview 9

Thermaltake Riing 120 RGB 120mm Fan Overview

The Thermaltake Riing 120 RGB 120mm fan is designed with watercooling in mind due to the high static pressure on the fans specifications; RGB fans are also a great new feature.