Datalocker Sentry K300 seen from the front with the connector visible, and the cap separate

DataLocker Sentry K300 Review – 64GB Encrypted USB 3.1 Drive

Armed with a screen, the DataLocker Sentry K300 takes ease of use for an encrypted USB drive to the next level. Read on for benchmarks and analysis...

Genesis Krypton 700 Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Genesis is one to watch out for with today's review of the Krypton 700 Pro Gaming Mouse, find out why in the review...

Genesis Xenon 770 Hybrid MMO & FPS Mouse Review

Genesis is one to watch out for with today's review of the Xenon 770 Hybrid MMO&FPS Gaming Mouse, find out why in the review...

Genesis Radon 720 Headset Video Review

I'll hold my hand up and admit I hadn't heard of Genesis before the review. After experiencing the Radon 720 I won't be forgetting it anytime soon! Read on to find out why I can't wait to see a second revision.
kolink big chungus feat img

Kolink Big Chungus Showcase Chassis Review

Kolink have sent the Big Chungus Showcase a jaunty angled behemoth for showing off flashy custom builds, a little strange they named it after a meme.
An amd athlon 3000g overclock - literally held above a clock.

Athlon 3000G Overclocking: Is It Worth It?

Overclocking can take some time - we want to help you decide if it’s right for your Athlon 3000G. We'll be looking at 5 real-world games and 10 synthetics.
Sahara Sea God H600b Featured Image

Sahara Sea God H600b Case Review

Today I have the Sahara Sea God H600b case on my desk, promising airflow and higher quality lets see what their latest chassis is like.

Gamerstorm Macube 310P Video Review

DeepCool's gaming division GamerStorm is here with today's offering and it's the Macube 310P. A visually stunning mid-tower available in white and black, with magnetic side panels including a 3mm tempered glass panel to view your components.
Thermaltake Riing Quad 1214 Black and White Radiator Fans and NeonMaker Light Editing Software Feature

Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 Radiator Fan Kit Review

The Thermaltake Riing Quad 12s perform well in the cooling department, have a decent pair of programs designed around them that are simple enough and easy to use. It's fair to say that these are, in our opinion, the nicest looking and brightest RGB LED fans money can buy you and the fact that there are so many LEDs and options on how they work together are very extensive.
Roccat Kone Pure Ultra featured image

ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Gaming Mouse Review

Today on the desk I have the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra, an entry by ROCCAT into the lightweight mouse category while using their popular styling and sensor to lure gamers away from some of the brands that have been in the media of late.