Logitech G602 Review

The Logitech G602 looks set to be Logitech's new top gaming mouse. Coming in at £70, the G602 is certainly in the thicket of high-end gaming mouse costs but it appears to have the mechanics to match, too.

Steelseries 5H v3 Review

SteelSeries are a household name where peripherals are concerned and in today's review, we'll be looking at the eSports backed SteelSeries 5H V3 headset.

Thermaltake eSports Volos Review

I'll be looking at the Thermaltake Volos today. A top end gaming mouse from the eSports division. How well will it do and is it worth buying? Read on to find out...

Tt eSPORTS VENTUS Mouse Review

Today I put the Tt ESPORTS VENTUS to the test to see just how well it holds up as an ambidextrous gaming mouse.

Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Special Edition Review

Introduction Manufacturer: SteelSeries Model: Rival 300 UK Price: £55.10 @Amazon (At the time of review) US Price: $69.20 @Amazon (At the time of review) Here I go again with...

GUNNAR Lime Paralex Gaming Eyewear Review

  Brand: GUNNAR Model: GUNNAR Lime Paralex Website: http://shop.gunnars.com/paralex/d/1040 RRP: £79.99 Back in 2007 when Jennifer Michelsen and Joe Croft banded together to create a solution...
MSI Vigor GK70 F I

MSI Vigor GK70 TKL RGB Keyboard Review

Resting on my big yellow surface today is the MSI Vigor GK70 TKL Gaming Keyboard, an RGB Tenkeyless affair from their range of Vigor keyboards announced early 2018.
Gigabyte XM300 Xtreme Gaming Mouse Review 1

Gigabyte XM300 Xtreme Gaming Mouse Review

Today I shall be taking a look at the Gigabyte XM300...is this the new mouse you’ve been looking for?

CM Storm Quickfire TK Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Review

CM Storm have released a new version of their already popular Quickfire TK mechanical keyboard - The Quickfire TK Stealth. Read on to find out how it has changed.
Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Keyboard Review 9

Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Coming it at around £60, the Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a lot going for it, but also a few drawbacks. Find out more in this review.