ASUS Echelon Forest Gaming Headset Review


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Let’s start with a look at the packaging.


Looking at the front of the box we can see it is very clean and simple, with a white on black design and a window that lets us get a peek at the headset. There is also talk of the main selling point for this new revision which is of course the enhanced compatibility.


The back of the box has a picture of the headset flanked to the sides by some more feature information and at the bottom we have some technical specs for the headset and its mic.


Opening the box up and removing the contents we have: the headset, a quick start guide, the usual ASUS warranty book, a splitter cable for PC use and also a ‘stylish’ carry bag; it may not be the most fetching thing I’ve ever seen but in fairness it is a reasonable value add.

That’s about it for the packaging really, it does the job whilst looking pretty tidy and the included bag is a nice touch. Time for a look at the headset.

Closer Look

Let’s get a proper look at the headset itself.


From the front, we can immediately notice those oversized 100mm ear cushions which are generously padded and mounted to the conventional style hinged ear cups. The headband also sports a large pad which looks rather cushy.


Speaking of said headband, here it is in all its green and brown er…glory. It isn’t the most attractive colour scheme in my opinion, but the good news is there is another SKU in the form of the Echelon Navy that sports a very similar blue grey digital camo pattern to that of the original Echelon which in my opinion is much more attractive.


The left side of the headset continues the theme, with the only break in house colours being the shiny brushed metal style inserts in the middle of the cups. In this shot, we can also see our retractable microphone.


Here we can see the metal rails that serve as adjustment, attractive and sturdy yes but not without fault; there is a bit of play between them and the plastic mouldings which cheapen the feel of the headset a bit and the lack of numbers or notches makes them trickier to set equally than some of the competition.


Finally we have the in-line adjuster which size wise is nice and the layout isn’t bad either but I would much prefer a larger volume dial.



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