ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

Let’s take a look at the packaging the Gladius comes in.


The front of the box is immediately recognisable as a ROG product thanks to the red and black colour scheme, and the ROG branding of course. As you can see we have a big picture of the mouse itself and there are also three headline features highlighted, the ergonomic design, the replaceable switches and the separate left and right mouse buttons.


The side of the box talks of a couple more features, one of the coolest being the removable cable.


The rear of the box sports a labelled diagram of the mouse and also a nice spec list below, which you can see on the previous page.


The other side of the box has more feature talk, with the interesting one here being the replaceable switches.


The inside of the front flap talks about where the name Gladius comes from and also gives us a peek at the mouse.


Inside the box we have the usual ASUS warranty booklet and a user manual but it’s the other bits that are interesting; also included are two USB cables, a carry bag and two replacement switches for M1/M2. I really like the removable cable as it means you don’t have to wrap the cable around the mouse and kink it to transport it and it would also be cool if you used the mouse on two computers for example where if you fixed the cable to the desk you wouldn’t have to go down the back of the PC, which no one likes doing. The carry bag is a nice touch too and will keep the mouse safe on the way to LANs or a mate’s house.

Finally the replacement M1/M2 switches are an awesome touch if you ask me as a lot of the time they are what fails on a mouse when the sensor and the other buttons are still good to go so it should extend the life of the mouse a bit which is a well needed value add at this price point.


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