ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Time for a look at the mouse itself.


Looking at the top of the mouse you can see it looks very familiar in that ergonomic low profile competitive focused mouse kind of way. We have a ROG logo that glows when the mouse is on at the back which looks nice and the scroll wheel lights up also.

Up the front you can see the M1/M2 buttons are separate which is a desirable feature for high paced play as it can help prevent erroneous keystrokes. Below that is the DPI switch and the LED strip below it that lights up when the mouse is in its second DPI state.


The left side of the mouse really shows the similarity to a Deathadder in the profile, there’s no two ways about it. We can also see the two large ‘slide to click’ thumb buttons and also the textured rubberised finish.


The right hand side is clean but also features the same rubberised textured grip as the left hand side. As you can see the primary mouse buttons have a really nice finger supporting shape to them which definitely helps locate your hand.


Finally at the bottom you can see we have a slippery contact pad on each corner, our Avago S3988 in the middle and towards the front edge the sliding switch with the padlock symbol is what you press to remove the cable. Speaking of the cable it snaps into place nicely when inserted and feels like a nice implementation.

So the mouse has a lot of cool design touches, let’s move on and see if they translate to good performance once we’ve had a look at the software on the next page.


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