ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Software”]Software¬†

Here is a look at the ROG Armoury software.


Here is the first page which covers all button reprogramming, the options available to bind keys to are all you need in a fps mouse so I’ve got no complaints here.


The performance tab has control over sensitivity, polling rate and acceleration/deceleration as well as angle snapping. The fact we only have two DPI settings is a bit naff in my opinion, three is more of a sensible minimum. Also as you can see the polling rate can be turned up to a blistering 2000Hz so we’ll test that and see what it looks like! The lift offsetting isn’t here, which is weird…


The lighting tab is simple but it does the job, I would expect full RGB colour customisation in a mouse of this price though, it’s not good enough for ASUS to force their colour scheme on all users.


Here is the calibration tab which has the lift off distance adjustment and also a surface calibration tool that also has some presets. It is nice to see a surface calibration tool (for whatever difference it makes) but, and I know you are all used to me saying this, even on the minimum setting I consider the lift of distance a bit too high; not unbearable, but not ideal.


Finally here is the macro tab, you can load in macro files that mates have sent you for example or create your own, I’d say it’s got all the features you need for macros in FPS games.

So the software on the whole is fine, though I would expect more features on a mouse of this price such as full colour customisation and it would be nice to have a firmware update to lower the lift off height a bit more.


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