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The ASUS ROG Spatha wireless gaming mouse not only excited us back in 2015 but now that it’s actually arrived I can honestly say not much has changed. I think it’s fair to say that if you look back over the last 10 years, ASUS haven’t exactly been widely known for their peripherals, although they are world renowned for producing high-performance components. Does the Spatha’s launch arise concerns from other peripheral brands?

Answering the question above, yes, I believe so. I feel there has been quite an inconsistency with certain “stalwart” brands over the last couple of years and their latest releases. In fact, quite a lot of them have re-launched the same products with 1 or 2 new features; some of them actually add nothing of actual substance. This is where the Spatha comes in and effectively “slays” the concept of pushing forward and innovation like only ROG know how! Spatha is more widely known as a type of Roman sword which like the original Roman Gladiators would wield, gamers can now do the same; at their PC’s of course!

With its highly regarded Japanese made Omron switches, the Spatha not only feels like a mouse fit for a king, but it performs like one too. Of course, it’s very large and those who prefer mice on the smaller side will certainly not appreciate this and it’s relatively heavy for a gaming mouse. If you can look past this and your genre of choice requires on the fly macro buttons or you’re a key-bind warrior, and you’re going to appreciate this mouse. Fused with Republic of Gamers DNA, it’s a breath of fresh air in the peripherals market and thanks to ASUS, other companies need to step up; I believe this mouse wipes the floor with the Razer NAGA in terms of looks, feel and of course, performance!

The ASUS ROG Armoury software works well when paired with the Spatha and has plenty of customisable features to allow you to make the mouse your own. It’s worth noting that the ROG Spatha works well without any drivers or software, but if you want to change any key-binds, make macros or change the LED colours, you WILL need the Armoury software (there is a link in the software section of this review where you can download it free).

If you’re in the market for a brand new mouse with lots to offer and aren’t intimidated by a very large price tag of £140, you play MMO’s or MOBAs, or you just generally want one of the best gaming mice on the market, then the ASUS ROG Spatha isn’t going to disappoint. It might not make you a better player and it certainly won’t do your ironing for you, but the second you get it in your hands and feel the quality, you will certainly understand why THIS IS SPAAATHA!

Huge thanks to ASUS for sending the Spatha in for review.

The Play3r Platinum Award

The Play3r Design Award

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Top quality gaming mouse
– Fantastic build quality throughout
– Many different ways to customise key bindings/LED’s thanks to the ROG Armoury software
– Spare Omron switches included
– General all-around premium and quality product
– Performance is great overall
– Can be used wireless or wired; Polling rate when wired goes up to 2000Hz
– Magnesium Alloy outer shell is a nice touch


– Pretty large and clunky
– £140/$170 surely isn’t cheap!

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