ASUS Strix Claw Gaming Mouse Review


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Having been using the Strix Claw a little while now its time to wrap up my thoughts.

When it comes to ergonomics I think the balance that has been struck here between all the grip types is impressive, I find it hard to believe that anyone will find this mouse uncomfortable. That said it does conform to the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ sentiment because of this, my best recommendation would be that claw grippers and hybrid or finger grippers will love it but palm grip purists might have to look elsewhere. Despite this though I still found it perfectly comfortable during testing so your mileage may vary. The side buttons are also well placed and the ridge at the top of the DPI clutch means that even though all three buttons are tightly packed in its actually more than easy enough to distinguish between them with your thumb which is another design win for ASUS.

Design wise I think ASUS have done well to create a reasonably low key design with the two tone grey and black finish. The breathing glow of the Strix logo adds a nice bit of colour to the mouse, but it can also be turned off to maximise the stealthy aspect of the design. It may not be the most visually exciting thing, but the Strix Claw feels like something that was designed for performance first and looks second, which is the right way around if you ask me. Two design touches I really have to commend are firstly the presence of a DPI indicator which is a great addition in this price point and secondly I do like the cable router at the front of the mouse that lifts the cable off the desk to stop it dragging on the desk, another no-nonsense performance design touch that is great to see on a mouse of this price.

On the performance side of things the sensor alone carries the mouse to victory but the implementation that surrounds it is the cherry on top thanks to the great switches all round, the solid ergonomics and a simple but useful software suite. This mouse really is giving out a fantastic amount of performance for something this side of £50.

That brings us nicely on to value too, as I have said above to have this superb sensor, solid ergonomics, a dpi indicator, nice switches on every button and also a fairly good software offering but all for under £50; ASUS are on to an absolute winner here when it comes to bang for buck.

I can see this mouse being a lot of things to a lot of people thanks to its clever design, and all of them good. In light of all that I have mentioned above the Strix Claw from ASUS gets a thoroughly deserved Gold award from me but also a Value award and a Performance award due to the amount of performance backed by solid features it is offering for under £50.




I’d like to say a massive thank you to ASUS for sending this mouse in for review, I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

You can find the Asus Strix Claw optical gaming mouse over on Amazon. Click me to go to Amazon!

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Superb Pixart 3310 sensor
– Solid ergonomics
– Great to see a DPI indicator below £50
– Good clicky switches all round
– Generally a bargain for the performance and features on offer


– Scroll wheel could do with less notches on the rotation
– Looses a bit of focus being a jack of all trades grip wise

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