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Closer Look

The MX Board 6.0 features an sand blasted aluminium body on the top, black ABS backlit compatible key caps and a black rubber palm rest, which is detachable. It has a solid and durable feel to it and has an overall premium look and feel to it – Cherry certainly haven’t cut any corners here!


The underside of the keyboard is relatively plain, however there are some nice attributes such as the cable channel, rubber feet and even a Cherry logo hologram sticker.cherry-mx6-back

The cable looks like it is detachable, however it is held firmly in place by the shape and the two plastic clips. I’ll have to take the keyboard apart to remove it, if that is even possible…cherry-mx6-wristrest-port

The non-removable USB cable has a high quality braid and a gold plated connector.cherry-mx6-cable

The palm rest attaches to the keyboard by two magnets located on the underside along the front edge. They are fairly powerful, however putting too much force causes the palm rest to push the keyboard backwards and almost “bounce”.cherry-mx6-magnets

The keyboard has two collapsible feet which open sideways. They have little rubber strips on them to stop the keyboard sliding around, however they come off quite easily and cause the keyboard to wobble.cherry-mx6-feet

The front edge features the Cherry logo embossed into the aluminium body. Just below it are where the magnets are located to hold the palm rest on.

Some of the F keys have dual uses such as media keys and brightness/LED controls. These extra functions can be set to default or require you to press the Fn button first.

The MX Board 6.0 features four extra keys for controlling music players such as iTunes. The Cherry key turns on “gaming” mode which disables the windows key.cherry-mx6-cherrykey

The palm rest is coated in a nice soft touch rubber-like material with MX embossed into it, with the Cherry logo on a small aluminium strip on the front edge.cherry-mx6-wristrest-close

Overall the keyboard has a low profile, even with the feet extended. It looks incredibly sleek and almost industrial looking.cherry-mx6-profile

This particular model features Cherry MX red switches, which have a linear motion and require 45g of force to actuate. These switches are most popular with gamers and gaming keyboards – which may not be to some peoples’ liking. The switches are plate mounted with Cherry stabilisers. They all feature an LED, which is red or blue depending on it’s function – more on this in the next sectioncherry-mx6-stabs

Let’s take a look at the lighting

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