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Keyboards are a very personal thing when it comes to PCs and can make all the difference to gaming and productivity. There are hundreds of different types of keyboards out there all with different designs and features, so finding the right fit can be difficult. With the rise of mechanical keyboards, it’s becoming forever easier to make the right choice as simply put, they are fantastic bits of kit and are perfect for many. Due to this increasing popularity, many companies are trying to stand out and often do so by adding gimmicks and unnecessary features, so it’s refreshing to see Cherry standing back from this and just presenting a simple, classy looking keyboard, with no macro recording, no fancy RGB backlighting, no “gaming” buttons or complicated software.

Overall the Cherry MX Board 6.0 is a great looking and well presented keyboard. It is a vast improvement over the not-quite-there MX Board 3.0 and packs quite a few extra features, albeit quite subtle ones , such as magnet palm rest and full control over the back lighting. This keyboard is Cherry’s first to include a full complement of LEDs, so it tells us that Cherry are adapting to the various trends – which also includes the aluminium top case. The LEDs are incredibly bright and have very precise brightness controls, although I think the latter is not needed as the difference if incredibly subtle.

At £149.95 it is quite expensive considering similar keyboards from other brands are retailing at sub £100. The high price is most likely due to the quality and attention to detail that has gone into the keyboard and the fact it is incredibly well presented, from when you first open the box, to having it all setup on your desk.

I am disappointed that Cherry have not allowed a removable USB cable, as this is actually one of the few features that is actually quite useful and can be used to add that personal touch to make it more yours. It’s odd, because it looks like they almost considered added it, then at the last minute, kept an older non-removable design.

I was genuinely excited when the Cherry MX Board 6.0 turned up at my front door and from the word go, I have been impressed by it’s quality and simplicity. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to review this new “RealKey” technology, mainly due to the specialist equipment required, but there is a subtle difference when quickly bashing keys during games. Upon speaking with Cherry, they have also announced that there will be a few other flavours of switches, which I was hoping, although it doesn’t look like these will be out until Q4. To conclude, I have no issues dropping our gold award on the MX Board 6.0. If it was perhaps a little cheaper and featured a removable cable then it would receive Play3r’s top award, however this is not the case. Regardless, well done Cherry!

Thanks to Cherry for sending this over.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



  • Fantastic quality
  • Classy design
  • Simplistic
  • High performance


  • Expensive
  • Fixed USB cable
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