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The CM Storm Mizar shares the same shape and body as the Alcor which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The main differences however are the Mizar features 7 different LED colours as opposed to the 4 found on the Alcor and the Mizar has a rubberised grip on the right hand side of the mouse; another feature lacking on the Alcor.  The Mizar also features the same all black and plastic design.

The Mizar also features the Avago 9800 and Japanese Omron switches which puts the Mizar in the laser mouse category.  The Mizar features up to  8200DPI which is pretty fantastic for a mouse in its current price range.

The CM Storm Mizar features the CM Storm logo in the centre which illuminates with 7 different colours (red, white, green, yellow, dark blue, purple and light blue.

Again, like the Alcor, the CM Storm Mizar features 2 thumb buttons and the same non-agronomical design.  I would have liked to have seen some love for left handed gamers but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

The CM Mizar does have 1 of 2 differences over the Alcor, the first being the included rubberised grip which is featured on both sides of the mouse.  This is to aid in grip and ensure hand perspiration doesn’t allow the mouse to slide off your desk when you are frantically gaming.

In addition to the usual left/right/centre buttons, there is also 2 buttons for on the fly DPI switching.  One thing I do like is the ability to scroll up and down between the different pre-sets; something some gaming mice don’t take into consideration.

The right hand side of the Mizar sports the same rubberised grip as the left hand side.  As I previously mentioned, this helps with the control of the mouse and also helps grip if you suffer from hand perspiration.

The attached cable has a very nice black braiding which is something I love to see on gaming mice; it just adds that little bit extra of quality and class in my opinion.  The USB connector also features a CM Storm logo and gold connectors which companies claim helps with longevity and also a better connection.


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