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Once you have used a mechanical keyboard you will never quite get along with other types quite the same again. CM Storm have settled on Browns for the QuickFire XTi making it a decent all-rounder, although I much prefer these to the other flavours available. Other types will be available, however these may differ region to region.

Backlighting is considered a gimmick to many keyboard users, however just adding the right backlit colour or LED lighting modes can really make the keyboard look classy and that little bit more “yours”. This isn’t the first time we have seen the dual tone LED, having first seen it on the Ducky Shine 4 – something the QuickFire XTi closely resembles: Could this be an attempt to mimic the popular range of Ducky keyboards? it’s difficult to say, however the inclusion of the blue and purple LEDs look fantastic – particularly on the flowing mode.

Overall the keyboard is a decent performer and is packed full of features – some useful, others not so. At a penny under £140, to many it could be considered quite expensive, bearing in mind the Ducky Shine 4 can be purchased for approximately £120. That said, Cooler Master have really upped their game in terms of quality and design, and have not faltered like many brands by using inferior Cherry MX switch clones.

As it stands, I am happy to award the CM Storm QuickFire XTi the Play3r Silver award, as the quality and styling really is fantastic, however the large price tag is off putting, considering some of the features are not required for most (repeat rate etc).


Thank you Cooler Master for sending this over.

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