CM Storm Trigger Z Mechanical Keyboard Review

  • Brand: CM Storm
  • Model: Trigger Z
  • RRP: €119


Recently we’ve seen several new releases from CM Storm, ranging from mice, to headsets, so today I’m going to be taking a closer look at the lasted mechanical keyboard; the Trigger Z – a refresh of the original Trigger we saw in 2012. The Trigger is a full size keyboard and includes an additional five macro keys and is fully backlit. I had the chance to test out the original trigger when it first came out, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so it will be interesting to see how much has changed in the latest revision. The Trigger Z is now available in three difference LED flavours – depending on the Cheer MX switch type. Red (MX reds), Blue (MX blue) and a “special White” (MX brown), so I wonder if they will release a green version, since some of their newer keyboards feature MX greens. The particular keyboard I have in to review today is the MX brown switch laden Trigger Z with white LEDs, with the following spec:

Product Number SGK- 6010- GKCL1 SGK- 6010- GKCR1 SGK- 6010- GKCM1
Key Switch CHERRY MX Blue with blue backlight CHERRY MX Brown switch with white backlight CHERRY MX Red switch with red backlight
Macro Key 15 in each profile
Profiles 5 profiles
On-board Memory 128k bytes
Dimensions 47.6(L) *25.3(W) *3.8(H) cm 18.7(L) *10(W) *1.5(H) inch
Weight 1516 g / 3.34 lbs
Key features Fully programmable! Save up to 5 Profiles and 75 Macros on the Keyboard Powerful Rapid Fire Engine for faster hardware Macro playback 5 easily accessible Macro keys as well as Multimedia and Win-lock shortcuts On the fly Macro recording – record and use key combos without leaving the game Profile switch key-combo – Switch between keyboard profiles within an instant Detachable wrist rest, braided USB cable and gold plated plugs Online firmware updates 64 KRO – 64 simultaneous key presses

As you can see there is a slight difference over the Trigger already, so lets take a closer  look.


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