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CM Storm Xornet II Gaming Mouse Review

CM Storm Xornet II Gaming Mouse Review

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Closer Look

Now we will take a closer look at the mouse in a little more detail, including a closer look at what is in the box and snoop at the general aesthetics that Cooler Master has gone with for this product.


To start, we have the front of the box which shows the top side of the mouse as well as some additional details like the RGB capabilities and that the Xornet II is designed as a claw grip mouse for gamers.


Aside from the usual 101 languages detailing most of the attractive features of the Xornet II, we get to see some of them in image form to the right. From the RGB mouse wheel and special shape of the mouse to well cut materials and grip sections to assist the user while using this mouse.


Inside the box we have, quite simply, the mouse along with paperwork!


Sporting an unusual claw grip suitable shape, the shape of the Xornet II is very original and looks great.


Offering rubber sections for additional grip onto the Xornet II, this mouse has been designed with every little touch in mind to ensure you perform better overall and that your time with this mouse is perfect.


Again, we see the curves of the mouse and additional programmable buttons. Doubling up as a standard “Forward” and “Back” button for web page viewing, the option of thumb buttons means that there is more to program for gaming.


The cable is made of a smooth yet sturdy rubber material and on the end is a standard USB 2.0 male connector which offers, as previously mentioned, a 1000Hz report rate.


Once set up, the RGB scroll wheel allows for a custom colour to be assigned and looks great in the dark! These lights are completely customisable to 16.8 million colours.

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