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Hidden away on the product page for the Xornet II is an “Application Software” file that offers an editing suite for the mouse for creating and editing profiles, DPI settings, colours along with many other cool features. A link to the page can be found here. Just locate the “Downloads” tab and select the relevant file download. Once installed and opened, you will be faced with a similar screen to the one below.


The Cooler Master Mouse software offers plenty of custom options to make your mouse meet your specifications perfectly. We have 4 main tabs offering “Main Control”, “LED”, “Sensor” and “Support”. These tabs are fairly self explanatory so we will just cover the key tab which is “Main Control”. By default, you will be brought to the “Key Assignment” screen that shows you the set up of key assignment of your mouse. This is rather useful for those left handed users as you can fully customise the set up of your mouse rather than using the terrible Microsoft Windows “Swap buttons” option in control panel.


Next, we have the OS sensitivity that allows for general settings such as polling rate, double click speed, button response time and so on. If you want to get very technical with the set up for your mouse then this is where you want to be!


On the LED option, we can make changes to the colour and action of the RGB mouse wheel per DPI profile. Each can be changed to meet your requirement, then applied so you can begin using your mouse with the cool options you selected straight away.


The final custom utility on offer is the “Sensor” option which covers the DPI sensitivity per profile. This allows for changes to be made to each profile, out of the 3 available, thus being easy for the user to swap at any point in which they see fit.

After playing with the software for a while, it is clear to see that a lot of time and development has gone into it in order to allow each user of the mouse to set it up exactly how he/she sees fit. Each change is almost instant and doesn’t require a “reboot” of the mouse, just hit the apply button and your request has been made.

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