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Real-world Performance

Stepping away from MS Paint, DPI settings and testing, we can now see how the Xornet II performs in 2 different environments. Gaming and general use.



Let’s face it, this mouse is designed for gamers as stated on the box so how does it perform? Well, we took the Xornet II through a few different games to see how it coped and the results were very good! First/third person shooters were a breeze, allowing me to take the advantage with DPI options to play with in different environments just a click away. Full on action in close quarters at 3200 dpi to allow for quick maneuvering, and switching to 500 dpi for long distance shots so I was able to keep steady while taking out an enemy. MMORPG’s and strategy games were also easy to play with as the Xornet II offers just two macro programmable buttons so shortcuts were assigned to each button promptly before playing. Having the ability to use those additional buttons for things such as healing or casting meant that I could keep on my toes when in the midst of battle.

General Use

Most mice on the market are suitable for general use and day to day tasks, but it’s the comfort and usability that makes some mice excel over others. The Xornet II is not only a very comfortable mouse for those of you who prefer a claw grip but offers 2 additional thumb buttons that double up as a “Next” and “Previous” webpage button so internet based tasks are much user-friendly and less effort is required to travel between visited web pages. A click of the mouse scroll wheel will allow you to easily move around web pages in any direction so again, much more user-friendly and easy to navigate online sources. As everyday tasks go, you will always find yourself swapping between software and the ability to change your DPI settings helps greatly as some, like myself, prefer different sensitivities on different pieces of software. One click of a button and this action can be done, making the transition of sensitivity between programs a breeze.

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