Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Packaging & Closer Look

The Masterkeys Pro L comes in a sleek black box, with a graphic of the keyboard in its RGB glory. This particular model I am looking at has Cherry MX Red switches and is US layout (ANSI).

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-boxfrontThe back of the box is a bit different to the norm; it has a breakdown of the different layers within the keyboard. Kinda cool to see what is inside.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-boxbackCM have kept things simple in the box, so you just get a quick start guide, key cap puller, gold plated and braided micro USB cable and the keyboard in a fabric sleeve.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-contentsThe keyboard is a sleek, plain black design. There is no extra casing for logo branding (in fact the only CM logos you see are replacements of the windows keys) and no additional graphics or fancy textured keycaps.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-keyboardAlong the top row, you have various dual function keys, such as LED colour, lighting mode and rate keys.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-ledsTo the right of the top row, you have your profile keys, macro and LED recording buttons, with the media controls pairing up with the page navigation keys.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-mediaThe base of the keyboard is uncluttered, with an embossed Cooler Master logo, feet and a micro USB port with cable channel – a nice touch.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-portThe feet enable you to change the height, which can suit some users better. They have rubber caps to stop them moving around.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-feetThe Masterkeys Pro keyboard is CM’s first to feature the Cherry RGB MX switches. This particular keyboard has reds, but other types are available. The switch housing is clear to help the surface mounted LEDs shine through.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-switchesThe key caps are UV black coated ABS, with laser etched legends. They are OEM profile and are relatively thin to aid translucency.


So that pretty much covers the aesthetics of the keyboard, let’s now see what all this RGB stuff is about.

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