Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Lighting & Software


The Masterkeys pro comes with a number of different lighting options straight out of the box, which are selectable¬†using FN+F4 (mode key); such as snake, cross, ripple and rainbow. If you want to get creative, you can either customise them straight on the board using the LED recording feature or via the software which can be downloaded from CM’s site (check the model link at the start of this review). Below is the cross LED mode:

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-lights2You can even play snake using the arrow keys!


Once downloaded the software will check if there are any newer firmware versions and give you the option to update if you wish. The program is very simple to use: there are only two screens and four profile buttons, enabling you to switch between them. There are several different options for each LED mode, which you can customise. The “customize” option lets you select different colours for each key.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-software1The library page lets you backup and restore configurations, which makes it great for sharing them with your friends who also have this keyboard.

coolermaster-masterkeysprol-software2One thing I couldn’t find was the option to configure the button assignment – do you really have to do all of this on-board without using the software?

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