Corsair Gaming H1500 USB Gaming Headset Review


[section_title title=”Packaging & Closer Look”]Packaging &¬†Closer Look


Let’s start with a look at the packaging.

h1500 1

As you can see we have a refreshed branding design compared to the Vengeance products, starting with the yellow on black colour scheme. I have to commend Corsair there already, for not contributing (here, anyway) to the red and black menace that is crippling colour variety in enthusiast products.

We may as well address it too, the logo. For my own benefit due to my jimmies already being rustled by the protests against it I will say just this; wouldn’t life be wonderful if all our problems were so trivial?

You may not like the logo, I can’t say I prefer it to the sails either but I appreciate it just as much as the yellow hue of the packaging in the sense that it gives off a totally different feel to the brand and I look forward to seeing where Corsair steer this ship (you’re welcome).

h1500 2

The side of the box lists some key selling points which are the 50mm drivers, the Dolby 7.1 Surround and the ergonomic design.

h1500 3

The back of the box talks again about the drivers, Dolby 7.1 and the comfort orientated design. We also have the slogan “Upgrade To Unfair” which in the world of cringy marketing taglines for everything isn’t all that bad. The rest of the back is dedicated to translations with the exception of a small tech specs box.

I don’t have any photos of the inner packaging because to be honest it was all a bit of a faff and not very photogenic. The packaging is great from an aesthetics point of view, is informative and would definitely look great in a retail setting, but the actual ‘unboxing experience’ doesn’t leave much to talk about.

Closer Look

Anyway, let’s get a proper look at the headset itself, with the help of my trusty Luxa 2 E-One.

h1500 5

From the front you can see we have a nice stealthy looking set of headphones with just the yellow rings on the ear cups adding a touch of colour. From an industrial design point of view these headphones are great in my opinion, I like the look of the ear cups with the great big pads and also the perforated headband is a cool aesthetic.

h1500 10

Moving in for a more detailed look lets start with said headband. I like how it has the yellow material underneath, it’s subtle but still adds a nice bit of colour to the headband from the right angle.

h1500 8

Here we have the notches for size adjustment on the headband, there is a good range of movement here and most people should find a setting that is bang on.

h1500 11

Here you can see the right ear cup at a full 90 degrees of swivel, the joint is very solid and feels like it will last well.

h1500 7

Here we have a look at the side of the right hand side of the headset, as you can see from a branding point of view things are kept minimal with only the Corsair Gaming logo and text on show.

h1500 6

Looking at the ear cups and padding in more detail we can see they are nice and oversized to fit comfortably over any size of ear as well as being generously padded with the microfibre and memory foam style material. A nice touch is that the driver is recessed into the cup a bit which helps stop your ear from touching the lining which is actually a really nice feature. This is also a good time to mention that the headset only comes with these fabric ear pads, given the price point I think it is not really good enough that there aren’t a pair of pleather pads to replace them in the box given that many people prefer them.

h1500 9

Here we have the microphone in its flipped down position, I always like this style of mic as being able to flick them out of the way quickly is a great feature. It is a shame that it doesn’t mute automatically in the up position though.

h1500 12

Speaking of which here we have the in-line controller. The two clear sections glow blue when the headset is powered and then flash between red and blue when the microphone is muted. It’s a nice piece with a good click to the switches and the plastic has a nice feel to it. We can also see the cable has a nice quality cloth braid to it which is expected really, but still nice.

h1500 13

Finally we have the connector which is Corsair branded, but confusingly with the sails logo.

So, the packaging looks nice but was a bit of a faff to get into; that’s not exactly a deal breaker though so no problems there. The design of the H1500¬†itself shouldn’t come as any great surprise given we are just looking at are brand of models we’ve seen before but the new colour scheme is definitely an improvement, I’m all for more variety when it comes to colours and I really like the yellow on black look.

Let’s move on and take a look at the software.


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