Corsair Gaming H1500 USB Gaming Headset Review


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Corsair have proven themselves to be very capable when it comes to industrial design and the H1500 is no different, the stealthy look permeated by subtle hints of colour elegantly combined with robust materials and the well integrated folding ear cups make this feel like a well thought out package. Much has been said about the logo but ultimately it has people talking about Corsair gaming so it has done its job, I like the impression of where Corsair gaming is going and I look forward to seeing it develop as a brand.

The audio quality of the headset is first class at the price point, for music lovers who game this headset is sure to be a delight. When it comes to comfort the H1500 is good, but it does have room to improve. As I have said the ear cups are very good from a shape and padding point of view but the lack of pleather pads really is something Corsair need to remedy because it’s just not an acceptable omission in my opinion. The headband is also a bit lean on padding for my liking, whilst by no means uncomfortable I do feel it needs to be more padded as it doesn’t match the nice ear pads and the great clamp pressure when it comes to overall wearability.

The microphone is well integrated with the ability to flip it out of the way and the voice quality is more than good enough, but it would be nice to see Corsair implement a flip to mute functionality as flipping the mic out the way to mute it is far superior to fumbling about with an in-line controller from a user experience point of view.

Coming in at around £75 at the time of reviewing I feel the H1500s do represent good value in light of the great audio and build quality, as well as the great design which of course is all backed up by world-class customer service. Though not without its flaws the H1500 on the whole is a superb package for the money.

If the H1500 has caught your eye I can’t think of any reason not to recommend it, Corsair as usual have released a polished product that marries design and performance into a very attractive package. The Corsair Gaming H1500 is definitely worthy of a Gold award, and I have to commend the well balanced audio quality with a Performance award.



I’d like to say a big thank you to Corsair for providing today’s sample, I hope to see more from them in the future.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Superb audio clarity
– Solid build quality
– Nice clean design
– Good comfort levels


– No included pleather ear cups
– Software is a bit basic
– Headband padding could be thicker

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