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The software that comes with the H2100s is the same as we saw with the H1500s, it is basic but all the options you desperately need are there such as an EQ and source type adjustment.

Speaking of source type we can choose between either native 2.0 stereo or the Dolby 7.1 surround trickery that we are accustomed to, and the implementation here is about as good as any; I dislike it personally but each to their own. We can also choose from a variety of preset profiles, some of which are surprisingly good, or set our own with the equalizer below; which actually seems to make a difference to the sound of the H2100s whereas the H1500s sort of just decided how they wanted to sound and told you to sod off.

We have some support/help links at the top right of the screen too, but that’s about it when it comes to the software. Really there is nothing missing here, but it would be nice to have things like a microphone noise gate and maybe even some reverb etc sound effects for those so inclined.


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