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Software & Lighting

Most of the time you don’t really associate software being bundled with a keyboard, typically they are plug and play, however as the keyboards have increased in sophistication, additional software is now often required to get the most out of the input device. In this instance, Corsair have created an application that not only enables you to change the key assignments, but also create an almost infinite amount of lighting patterns, colours and effects. This software, dubbed Corsair Utility Engine (CUE for short), ties in perfectly with their other peripherals such as the M65 PRO RGB mouse and the VOID RGB Headset, enabling you to create some pretty fancy effects.

The default profiles tab lets you configure all sorts of options. In the assignments tabs you can change just about every function of every key to whatever you want – macro, text string etc. You can import and export profiles and upload them to the keyboard’s onboard memory if you want it to stick with the keyboard.


The lighting tab is where you can change the individual key LED colour and can assign various lighting effects. In the screenshot below, I have enabled CUE link with my M65 PRO RGB allowing the rainbow wave to flow across onto the mouse – pretty neat!


There are a number of preset lighting modes available with various options, however if you really want to get creative you can start from the ground up and build your own effects from scratch.


The CUE software regularly receives updates and can be configured to work with your favourite media player. These sorts of tweaks can all be found on the settings tab. When you have finished making your modifications, you can display your work in all of it’s glory. I must say, when in rainbow mode, it really does look pretty.

corsair-rapidfire-lightingSo that’s the software and lighting, let’s see what these new switches are all about.

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