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So we’ve seen 3 new switch types in as many years all courtesy of this exclusive partnership with Cherry, but the question is, is it worth it? In short, yes; innovative keyboard products are few and far between, so the fact a major PC hardware company is striving to create new technology to improve gaming performance and enable great customisability is fantastic. Now that some of the switch types are out of the exclusivity period, we are starting to see the new types trickle down into other brands, so obviously it’s working and is providing greater choice for us consumers.

My only fault I could find with the Corsair is the non-standard bottom row – why?! Nearly every other brand or key cap manufacturer uses the standard 1.25, 1.25, 1.25, 6.25 so why change this? During my spell running a key cap manufacturing business, our number one request was to produce key cap sets that would fit Corsair keyboards!

Overall the keyboard is pretty much flawless. The design is sleek, modern and attractive and the RGB backlighting produces some gorgeous effects, enabling you to really customise probably the most used and personal peripheral for PCs. The price slaps it at the top end of mechanical keyboards, however when compared to others at a similar price point, you are getting a ton of extra features. If you really wanted to save a bit and are not bothered about RGB backlighting, you can opt for the single LED colour K70 RAPIDFIRE, which still provides the major features and design, just not the LED colour customisation.

So, the switches… the principle behind the MX Speed is not new, we’ve seen Razer and other brands reduce the actuation distance to improve response speed, but Cherry have opted to flip the bird at them and reduce this distance by the largest amount. Does it make much difference? Honestly, I’d have to go with no, however when playing games such as CS:GO, the slight change was apparent and did result in better performance, so it could be worth it to gaming pros and enthusiasts.

To conclude, the K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE is probably my favourite keyboard to date. It has almost unlimited customisability using the software, it looks fantastic and is competitively priced. If only Corsair had changed the bottom row, this would get a full 5/5 stars, as many of us would love to change the key caps, so a slight drop in marks for this, but otherwise it definitely gets my approval and top award.



Thanks for sending this over, Corsair.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



  • Premium design
  • Feature rich
  • Endless customisability options
  • Comfortable
  • Great performance


  • Non-standard bottom row
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