Func KB-460 Review


[section_title title=Closer Look]Closer Look

The KB-460 is a simple, clean styled keyboard, much like you see with Ducky. It has an all black colour scheme, discounting the LEDs and the red plate that the Cherry switches are mounted on. Surround the keys Func have coated the plastic with that soft touch material, that feels great to touch, albeit very easy to mark and a dust magnet!



Along the top edge of the keyboard you have the media keys, profiles keys and func mode key. To use these functions, you have to hold down the Fn key located by the right Alt Gr key. The Func key is essentially for game mode, which disables the Windows key.

The KB-460 makes use of a full compliment of plate-mounted Cherry MX red switches with a red LED, which we’ll see more of later.

Along the top edge of the keyboard Func have included two additional unpowered USB 2.0 ports in case you wish to plug in a memory stick etc.

The reverse of the keyboard is fairly plain in comparison to some other boards, with just a info label in the middle, two non-slip feet and extendible feet for raising the profile of the keyboard.

The feet flip out to increase the angle of the keyboard – preferred by some users.

Like some mechanical keyboards on the market, Func have included a detachable wrist rest, which is held in place by two small clips that are provided in the little plastic bag you saw towards to start. This is a nice little touch as some keyboard which have the clips attached to the wrist rest are very hard to detach and sometimes result in broken clips. The wrist-rest is also coated in the soft touch material, giving it a great feel.


The USB cable is fixed to the keyboard, positioned to the right. It has a gold plated connector and a quality black braid with orange highlights.


The KB-460 has the standard OEM profile key caps, which are made from a translucent ABS plastic, with a black coating. The larger keys have costar stabilisers as opposed to Cherry. These are prelubed and have a smooth movement although the enter key is slightly wobbly. I should also point out that the bottom row is non-standard, with the Windows key being 1x size and the Ctrl and Alt 1.5x.


One of the more fancy features that the Func KB-460 possesses is red LEDs that produce a nice red glow. The red plating also helps amplify this effect. Overall there are 4 brightness levels (from off to maximum brightness) and a 5th mode that has a steady breathing effect.

Normally I would have a separate section for software however the program that you can download for the KB-460 is so simple, I only need the one screenshot to cover it. This basic program allows you to create custom key bindings, to pretty much any key. These can be then saved to different profiles, which you can select using the different profile buttons on the keyboard.

So that concludes our closer look, now lets see how the keyboard performs.

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