Func KB-460 Review


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Performance is key when it comes to a keyboard, especially if it is aimed at the gaming market, so bearing in mind the Func is catered towards gamers, it should perform well in our tests.

One of the features that Func boast about is N-Key-Roll-Over (NKRO), so to verify this claim I fired up Aqua Key Test. This program records which keys have been pressed and which are currently activated. All you have to do is mash as many keys as possible. It was apparent after numerous attempts to press as many keys as possible, that the KB-460 wasn’t going to give it. It registered every key press I could manage, so you wouldn’t have to worry about pressing too many keys at once.



The next phase for the testing is to put the keyboard through several genres of games – so in this case, FPS, RTS and MMO. First up was FPS, so for this I chose to play some Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2. Having red switches it was easy to know when a key registered owing to the relatively low force required, thus the response time was kept to a minimum. I wouldn’t say I played any better than I did on Cherry MX Brown switches (my personal preference), but it is certainly a step up from a rubber dome – and by step up, I mean more like a whole story up. Again it was a similar experience with the other genres, the keys felt great to push and were responsive and not too straining after long periods of use. One feature I did find useful was the ability to bind macros to certain keys, in this case the numpad, which allowed me to use several abilities at once.

General use

Using the keyboard every day for many hours for several different activities is a great way to find any flaws. The first thing I realised after long periods of use was how comfortable the keyboard actually is. I really like the soft touch coating they use on the wrist rest, which also helped support my wrists when doing a fair amount of typing. For general tasks such as browsing the web, editing photos, I couldn’t fault it. For media playing, the media keys are slightly awkward to use as the Fn key is the other side of the keyboard requiring both hands to use, plus I’m never a fan of dual function media keys. The backlight is fairly bright and not over obtrusive and aided my typing during those late working hours. I never really used the breathing mode, but it’s there if you fancy having something different.

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