GAMDIAS Aegis Multi-Function Gaming Accessory Overview


Manufacturer: GAMDIAS
Model: Aegis
Price: Approx. £14 (at time of review)

GAMDIAS is a very new company in the gaming scene, only having started trading in 2012. Despite young age however they have a good range of gaming peripherals, with a good variety of mice, keyboards, headsets and other gaming related accessories.

We have one of said accessories in for a look today, the Aegis. This thing looks great on paper, a headset holder, a USB hub and a mouse bungee all in one! Lets take a look at some specs and then we’ll get up close and personal with the Aegis.


Cable Length 1.5 meter
Dimension(LxWxH) 178 x 98 x 34mm
Working Principle USB 2.0 Hub
Ports 1 Upstream Port and 4 Downstream Ports
Media Support USB cable (Length : 10 meters)
Transmission Rate 1.5Mbps /12Mbps/480Mbps
Per-Port Output Voltage DC +5V
Per-Port Output Current 500mA (max.)
maximum output Power 2.25w (Four interface accumulation)
Weight 51g
Temperature 0ºC ~ 45ºC
Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Using with AC adapter can let each USB port offer 500mA output YES

As you can see the Aegis can deliver 500mA across all four USB ports if you use an AC adaptor which is a bit of an odd one as if you have it plugged into the mains I would expect a 1A or 2.1A charging port to be present so you can use the Aegis to charge your phone/tablet etc.

Closer look

aegis box front



The packaging is very similar to other GAMDIAS products with the predominantly white box featuring some gold touches. We have a nice big window at the front to give us a good look at the product and at the back there is a bit of red and black accenting to match the product inside. 
aegis accs

The in the box extras are a quick installation guide, some GAMDIAS stickers, some replacement sticky pads and the USB power/data cable for the hub which sports a very nicely braided cable.

aegis 1

The Aegis itself is of a fairly pleasant design, you can see the aggressive GAMDIAS house style coming through with the straight edges and angular profile. The red part at the top is where the headset hangs and the rubberised bit at the bottom is for cable management and the most logical use would be as a mouse bungee.

aegis 2

At the back we can see our USB ports, the USB input, the hole for a 5v AC input and the other side of the cable router. As you can see the Aegis comes with the sticky pads pre applied and they are 3M non damaging ones so they shouldn’t ruin the finish on the bezel of your monitor which is sure to be reassuring for a lot of people.

The bottom line

The GAMDIAS Aegis is quite a good little bit of kit, to have a headset holder that doubles as a USB hub is a logical but great idea in my opinion and should be a great help to those who are running low on USB ports on their case. The ability to use it as a mouse bungee is the icing on the cake in terms of functionality.

The looks might not be for everyone but the chances are if you are a GAMDIAS fan you’ll love the Aegis and it will be a great addition to your setup and will look great holding your Hebe V2, for example. Whilst I think its an oversight to not have a high output USB port suited for charging phones/tablets, on the whole when you consider the functionality on offer here the GAMDIAS Aegis is a great value little gadget for the low asking price.


I’d like to say a big thanks to GAMDIAS for providing today’s sample, I hope to see more from them in the near future.


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