GAMDIAS Hades Laser Extension Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

Right, lets start off the review by taking a look at the packaging the hades comes in.

package front

Starting off at the front of the packaging we are presented with quite a nice box, with a small amount of information about the features of the mouse at the bottom and a nice big window in the middle to get a look at the mouse itself. As can be seen on right hand side of the box the headline features of the hades are its 8200 DPI laser sensor and the magnetic side panels.

package side

The side of the box features all the specifications seen on the previous page in addition to a package contents list.

package rear

The back of the box goes into more detail on some of the key features of the mouse, such as the laser sensor, customisable lighting and the ergonomic options. The middle has a nice side profile of the mouse whilst the bottom half is dedicated to blurb in various languages.

package door

Opening the door on the front of the box presents us with what we see here, the left hand side features some more general talk of features and on the right hand side we can of course see the mouse itself through its molded plastic casing.

package inside

Sliding out the inside of the packaging and we can see the mouse itself in the middle, flanked by the replacement medium/small side panels. The presentation is nice and clean and its very easy to get at the mouse which always wins favour from me.

packaging contents

Finally in the box we have a quick installation guide and some stickers, if you are so inclined.

To sum the packaging up, I’ve got no real complaints; its presented well, there’s plenty of information and best of all there’s no faffing when it comes to getting the mouse out and set up! Next up lets get a good look at the mouse itself.



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